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These general terms and conditions of sale govern the sale of products and, where applicable, services through the website C&C S.p.A. is the trade name of C&C S.p.A. a Socio Unico.

We offer a wide range of services and you may sometimes be subject to additional terms and conditions. If you use any C&C S.p.A. service (e.g. one-to-one courses, technical support services or other C&C S.p.A. services), you will also be subject to the terms, guidelines and general conditions applicable to that specific service ("Service Terms"). In the event of a conflict between these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the Service Terms, the Service Terms shall prevail.

Please read these General Terms and Conditions of Sale carefully before making any purchase. By making any purchase, you accept these General Terms and Conditions of Sale in full.

Our Contract

The display of products for sale by C&C S.p.A. on the website's virtual showcase constitutes an invitation to offer. If you wish to purchase one or more products displayed on the website, you can select them one at a time and add them to your cart.

Once you have selected all the items you wish to purchase, you can close your cart and submit the order.

At this point, you will see a summary page of the products you have selected, their price and the delivery options (with the related costs) where applicable.

You will be asked to choose your preferred delivery, shipping and payment method. At the top of the same page, you will find the "Order" button, which you must click to submit the order to us.

Your order will then be considered as your contractual proposal to purchase addressed to C&C S.p.A. for the products listed, each considered individually.

Upon receipt of your order, we will automatically send you an e-mail acknowledging receipt of the order itself ("Order Confirmation E-mail") which, however, does not constitute acceptance of your purchase proposal.

In fact, by sending the Order Confirmation E-mail, we only confirm that we have received the order and that we have subjected it to a data verification process and to the availability of the products you have requested.

The sales contract with C&C S.p.A. a Socio Unico will be concluded only when we send you a separate e-mail accepting your purchase proposal, which will also contain information on the shipping of the product and the expected delivery date ("Shipping Confirmation E-mail"). In the event that your order is fulfilled through multiple shipments, you may receive separate Shipping Confirmation Emails.

You can freely cancel your order before receiving our Shipping Confirmation Email, provided that the order has not been prepared for the shipping process. In this case you will not be charged any costs.

However, the right of withdrawal remains reserved under the terms and conditions of the following art. 2. The right of withdrawal does not apply to certain categories of products including, without limitation, digital products or software not supplied on a physical medium (such as CDs or DVDs) once the download has started or the use has started.

You agree to receive invoices in electronic format if we send them by e-mail.

All orders placed on the website must correspond to normal consumption needs.

This requirement applies both in relation to the number of products purchased with a single order, and in the case of a plurality of orders relating to the same product, even if each order includes a quantity of products corresponding to normal consumption needs.

Right of Withdrawal, Exceptions and Return Policies

C&C S.p.A., with the exceptions indicated below, gives you the right to withdraw from the order placed, without having to provide any reason, within 14 days from the day you received the ordered product (or the last product, batch or piece in the case of goods, batches or pieces delivered separately) or from the conclusion of the contract (including, but not limited to, contracts for the supply of digital content not supplied on a physical medium, such as a CD or a DVD).

If you have entrusted a person of your trust with the collection, your right of withdrawal starts from the day of delivery of the product to the person you have designated, other than the courier.

You must notify C&C S.p.A. a Socio Unico, viale Luigi Einaudi 10 – 70125 Bari, of the exercise of the right of withdrawal by registered mail or PEC to the PEC of C&C S.p.A.:, or by using the contact function of the website.

Effects of Exercising the Right of Withdrawal

We will refund all payments received in relation to the product for which you have exercised the right of withdrawal, excluding payments for shipping, within 14 days from the day we receive the communication regarding the exercise of the right of withdrawal.

We will make the refund using the same payment method you used to place the order, unless you specify otherwise. In any case, you will not bear any costs as a result of this refund. We may withhold the refund until we have received the product or until you have provided proof that you have returned it to C&C S.p.A. and C&C S.p.A. has received it, whichever occurs first.

Please note that you are required to return the products to us following the instructions you will have received within 14 days from the day you communicated the withdrawal.

You will be responsible for the direct costs of returning the products.You may be held liable for any decrease in the value of the goods resulting from handling of the goods (other than that necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods).

Exceptions to the Right of Withdrawal

The right of withdrawal does not apply in the following cases:

  • Supply of sealed goods which are not suitable for return for reasons of hygiene or health protection and which have been opened after delivery, or in the case of supply of products which are inseparably mixed with other goods after delivery;

  • Supply of sealed audio or video recordings or sealed computer software that have been opened after delivery;

  • Supply of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized;

  • Supply of goods which are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly;

  • Service contracts after the complete performance of the service by C&C S.p.A., if you have expressly consented to the performance of the service by us and have accepted the loss of the right of withdrawal following the full performance of the contract;

  • Supply of digital content (including applications, software, e-books, MP3, etc.) on a non-physical medium (e.g. a CD or DVD) if, at the time of placing the order, you have expressly consented to the start of performance and have accepted the loss of the right of withdrawal as a consequence of the start of performance;

  • Supply of newspapers, periodicals and magazines, except for subscription contracts for the supply of such publications.

Prices and Availability

All prices are inclusive of VAT applicable by law.

The information on the availability of the products we sell is listed on the website, as well as on the presentation page of each product. In addition to the information provided on that page or elsewhere on the website, we are unable to give more precise indications about the availability of the products.

Please consider that the estimated shipping and delivery times of the products are purely indicative and cannot be fully relied upon. Once we receive your order, we will notify you by e-mail if some of the products you ordered are not available.

Despite our best efforts, we cannot exclude that for a small part of the products in our catalogue a price different from the actual price may be indicated by mistake. In any case, we will check the correctness of the prices of the products during the order verification process and the subsequent shipping of the products.

If, due to errors or other inconveniences, the price indicated on the website should be lower than the correct selling price of a product, we will contact you to verify if you still wish to purchase the product at the correct price.

Otherwise, your order cannot be accepted. If the correct price of a product is lower than the one indicated on the website, we will charge you only the lower correct price and ship the product to you anyway.


If the goods ordered from C&C S.p.A. are to be delivered outside of Italy, you may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are payable once the package reaches the specified destination.

Any additional customs clearance costs will be at your expense. We have no control over such costs and cannot predict their amount. Customs policies vary considerably from country to country, so you should contact your local customs office for further information.

Please also note that when you place orders on the website, you are considered the importer and are therefore required to comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you will receive the goods.

Your privacy is important to us and we know that you care about how the information related to your order is used and shared. We would like our international customers and customers who ship products abroad to be aware that cross-border deliveries are subject to opening and inspection of the products by customs authorities.

Warranties on Products Sold by C&C S.p.A. and Limitations of Liability

The warranty regime on products sold by C&C S.p.A. differs depending on whether the buyer is a "consumer" or a "professional" within the meaning of Directive 1999/44/EC concerning "certain aspects of contracts for the sale of goods and guarantees concerning consumer goods".

If you purchase as a "consumer", you benefit from the legal guarantee of conformity to which the seller is bound by law on each good sold ("Legal Guarantee").

The Legal Guarantee - to which C&C S.p.A. is bound as seller - guarantees the good against defects of conformity with the sales contract.

According to the law, in case of applicability of the Legal Guarantee, you will have the right to have the good brought into conformity free of charge by repair or replacement, or, if this is not possible, to a reduction in the purchase price or to the termination of the contract.

C&C S.p.A. is therefore responsible for defects of conformity if they occur within two years from the date of delivery of the good.

In the event that you find a defect of conformity on the goods purchased from C&C S.p.A. during the period of validity of the Legal Guarantee, please contact our customer service which you can find on the website.

To the extent permitted by law, C&C S.p.A. declines all liability in the event that the product delivered does not comply with the legislation of the country of delivery other than Italy.

C&C S.p.A. will not be liable for any delay in the delivery of the goods purchased due to insufficient stock at the supplier. We will also not be liable for any non-substantial differences between the goods purchased and their illustrative images and the text descriptions published on our website.

Without prejudice to cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence, we are only liable for any direct and foreseeable damage at the time of conclusion of the sales contract. We will therefore not be liable for any losses incurred, lost profits or any other damage that is not a direct and immediate consequence of our breach of contract or that was not foreseeable at the time of conclusion of the sales contract.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with Italian law, without prejudice to any different mandatory prevailing rule of the customer's habitual residence country.

Consequently, the interpretation, execution, and resolution of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale are subject exclusively to Italian law. Any disputes arising from and/or relating to them shall be resolved exclusively by the Italian judicial authority.

In particular, if the customer is a consumer, any disputes shall be resolved by the court of the customer's domicile or residence based on the applicable law or, at the customer's choice in the event of an action brought by the customer, by the Court of Bari.

If the customer acts in the exercise of their entrepreneurial, commercial, artisanal, or professional activity, the parties consensually establish the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Bari.

Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale

We reserve the right to modify the website, the policies, and these General Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time to offer new products or services or to comply with legal or regulatory requirements.

You will be subject to the policies and terms of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale in force at the time you order products from us, unless any changes to such policies and terms are required by applicable law or competent authorities (in which case, they will also apply to orders you have previously placed).

If any provision of these terms is found to be invalid, null, or unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.


In the event of your breach of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, our failure to exercise our right to take action against you does not constitute a waiver of our right to take action for the breach of any obligations you have assumed.


We do not sell products to minors. We sell products for children that can only be purchased by adults. I

f you are under 18 years of age, you can use by involving a parent or guardian.

Information on Online Dispute Resolution pursuant to Art. 14 (1) of the ODR (Online Dispute Resolution Regulation):

The European Commission provides consumers with the possibility to resolve disputes online, pursuant to Art. 14 (1) of the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) on one of its platforms.

The platform ( serves as a place where consumers can seek out-of-court settlements for disputes arising from online purchases and service contracts.