The best photography apps for iPhone

The best photography apps for iPhone

Some of the best photography apps for iPhone collected in our article.

Some of the best photography apps for iPhone collected in our article.

Some of the best photography apps for iPhone collected in our article.



Today the iPhone has replaced most of our cameras and has changed our way of taking photos and making videos. Panoramic photography, live photos, 3d photos, slow motion, and much more, are now at your fingertips thanks to the latest generation iPhones. Every year our devices improve and change our approach to the world of photography. Hand in hand, dozens of new apps for photo and video editing are born every day. There are so many of them that it is a difficult task to navigate, so we have decided to create an article that helps our users choose the best option. The photo apps you will find below are in alphabetical order.

The Best Photo Apps

1) Boomerang from Instagram - Free

Created by the Instagram team, it was one of the first APPs that allowed us to create GIFs and fast videos focusing on creative and fun effects.

Download Boomerang

2) Camera + 2 - Free

Camera+ 2 is the successor of the famous Camera + which was one of the first apps to introduce advanced shooting functions for iPhone. Camera+ 2 is used in particular as a camera replacement, as an alternative to the camera app, but it also allows you to use filters and, above all, to edit RAW files and manage a multitude of professional functions. Also interesting is the Smile mode: Camera+2 can detect smiles and take pictures for you, while with the stabilizer you can take the photo only when the iPhone is still enough to produce a sharp image.

Download Camera+ 2

3) Camera Pixels - € 6.99

An advanced app that expands the functions of the native camera app and allows you to set a series of manual shooting parameters such as shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. It is a paid app and, therefore, intended for a more demanding and experienced audience.

Download Camera Pixels

4) ColorTime - Free

Good app for photo retouching that allows you to easily modify lights, shadows, saturations, and mid-tones. The interface is intuitive and fun.

Download ColorTime

5) Enlight - Free

Enlight is one of the most downloaded and appreciated apps in the photo editing sector. Enriched with a variety of functions, this app, winner of an Apple Design Award, allows you to do everything: small adjustments and creation of masterpieces with double exposure. Masterfully created presets guarantee countless creative options, and if you want to further intervene on the image, you will find everything you are looking for: oil painting, advanced adjustments of tones and colors, and much more.

Download Enlight

6) Exacto - € 5.99

Exacto is an excellent photo app that allows you to precisely remove backgrounds from your photos. This incredibly versatile tool offers unique functionalities not available in any other app in the App Store.

Download Exacto

7) Exif Viewer - € 3.49

Exif Viewer is an excellent app that allows you to view and edit Exif Data, all the hidden information behind each photograph.

Download Exif Viewer

8) EyeEm - Free

Berlin-based social network exclusively dedicated to photography enthusiasts. It is reminiscent of Instagram in design and functions but, unlike the latter, it is more directly aimed at photographers.

Download EyeEm

9) FilmBorn - € 3.49

An app dedicated to analog photography enthusiasts that offers filters faithful to old analog films. Interesting is the ability to edit multiple photos at once. An app in the style of VSCO.

Download FilmBorn

10) Filters - € 2.29

An app that offers more than 800 filters. In short, you can get lost among the hundreds of presets for your photos.

Download Filters

11) Fotor - Free

Fotor is a very comprehensive application. It offers a good photo editor with various filters and editing tools and above all an internal social network where amateur and professional photographers can monetize their shots.

Download Fotor

12) Hipstamatic  - € 3.49

It is an app so famous that they have also developed some user guides. It is an app with a Retro flavor that recalls the world of analog photography. Here you can find several tools for photo editing in a vintage style.

Download Hipstamatic

13) Infltr - Free

A very interesting app that allows you to modify anything: Photos, videos, live photos, photos in depth. The possibility to create custom filters is excellent.

Download Infltr

14) Obscura 2 - € 5.49

Good app for photo editing that clearly and simply allows you to modify many aspects of your photos.

Download Obscura 2

15) Over - Free

Over is an app that allows you to add text to your photos and adds the possibility to choose different combinations of fonts and graphics.

Download Over

16) Photoshop Fix - Free

An excellent photo editing app that integrates with Creative Cloud and the other apps in the Adobe package.

Download Photoshop Fix

17) PicFrame - € 3.49

Great app to create collages of your photographs

Download PicFrame

18) Pixomatic - € 3.49

Photo editor that goes beyond classic photo editing and allows object removal and special transformations of your shots.

Download Pixomatic

19) Priime - € 3.49

App for Photo Editing that has gorgeous filters made by professional photographers.

Download Priime

20) ProCam 6 - € 6.99

App for recording videos and photos in manual mode that expands the range of options given by the native app. It also has the function of Photo and Video editing.

Download ProCam 6

21) ProCamera - € 6.99

Truly comprehensive App with multiple functions for both photos and videos. The quality and detail of the features certainly justify the higher price compared to other photo apps.

Download ProCamera

22) RNI Films - Free

Excellent app that offers typical 35mm filters. The filters are of excellent quality, and there is also an interesting editor to perfect your photos.

Download RNI Films

23) SnapSeed- Free

Over 29 photo retouching tools make SnapSeed one of the most used and appreciated apps by photography enthusiasts. Highly recommended.

Download SnapSeed

24) VSCO - Free

An unparalleled and very well-made app. VSCO has a unique style that makes it one of the most beautifully developed apps. The filters are carefully designed, and the editor allows you to modify almost every aspect of your photos. Plus, there is a curated community where you can share your photos, and be inspired by other talented photographers.

Download VSCO

And you, which Apps for photography do you use?

Do you use other Apps? Is there any that you want to recommend? Write them down in the comments below.


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