School staff training on digital transition, Ministerial Decree 66/2023 of 04/12/23

School staff training on digital transition, Ministerial Decree 66/2023 of 04/12/23


Jan 22, 2024


Decree for the allocation of resources to educational institutions, in implementation of investment line 2.1 "Integrated digital teaching and training for the digital transition of school staff" under Mission 4, Component 1 - "Enhancement of education services: from nurseries to Universities" of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, funded by the European Union - Next Generation EU.

Recipients: all state school institutions

Beneficiaries: all school staff 

Purpose and objectives

Ministerial Decree aimed at training school staff for the digital transition, through the disbursement of different amounts for each institute, the aim is to create training pathways to support the digital transition of teaching and school organisation.

The operational instructions of the PNRR outline three main types of training activities for the digital transition of school staff:

1.  Training courses on digital transition: courses delivered on-site, online or in hybrid mode, in line with the European DigCompEdu and DigComp 2.2 criteria. These courses can be structured in modules or as cycles of seminars.

2.  On-site training workshops: tutoring sessions, coaching, mentoring, supervision, and support in the use of educational technologies in real or simulated contexts. The meetings take place on-site, targeted at small groups to offer practical and focused support.

3.  Learning practice communities: groups formed by internal trainers and tutors also integrated with external experts, aimed at promoting research, sharing and development of digital educational content, strategies and innovative methodologies for digital transition.

With the publication of the guidelines of D.M. 66/2023, the PNRR opens new paths for the future of education in Italy. This initiative not only meets the immediate needs of the school system but also lays the foundations for a future where education is more accessible, equitable, and technologically advanced.

In the following tables, a summary is provided of all the useful information for the design of actions on the dedicated platform "FUTURA PNRR – Project Management".

Schools benefiting from the funds provided by D.M. 66/2023 proceed to draft the project on the "FUTURA PNRR – Project Management" platform. The platform for project planning will be open from 15:00 on 14 December 2023 to 15:00 on 29 February 2024.

The activities must be concluded by 30 September 2025.

In this folder, all documents relating to:

  • DECREE 66 - 04/12/2023




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